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Drought in Connecticut

Drought in Connecticut

Another Reason To Conserve

It might be hard to believe considering the recent weather, but Connecticut is in the midst of one of the most severe droughts since the 1960’s.  Now we all know that Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Take California for example. After years of devastating drought, California is seeing record rainfall causing major flooding and mudslides. But that doesn’t mean we can do something about the drought in Connecticut right now. In fact, the state is actually requiring it.

City officials working with the Aquarion Water Company have instated an irrigation ban across Connecticut due to abnormally low reserve levels caused by lack of rain.  In Fairfield County, the situation has been classified as a water supply emergency. Details on the ban can be found on Aquarion’s website, but what’s most important is the prohibition water use for irrigation. No water for irrigation means dry landscapes, so what can be done before the ban is lifted?

Defending Your Landscape Against Drought

Mulch and compost are your best defense against drought. Mulching around the base of your plants helps to retain moisture and slow evaporation in your soil. Composted soil provides important nutrients for water-deprived plants to help them be more resilient through dry times. And remember to stay natural whenever possible. While fertilizer may provide nutrients during a normal growing season, you run the risk of burning important surface roots on your trees and shrubs when using fertilizer without regular watering.

Recently, there have been encouraging reserve level reports that suggest the drought is becoming less severe. But in some regions of the country, all landscapes need to exist without any irrigation. That’s where the Xeriscaping comes in. Xeriscaping is a unique approach to landscaping that allows you to create beautiful outdoor spaces with little to no irrigation. The term was first coined by the Denver Water Co. in 1981, making use of the Greek word “xeric” meaning dry.

Xeriscapes throughout the country have set a precedent for responsible water usage, while still maintaining the beauty and intrigue of heavily irrigated landscapes. Although it’s likely that we will see Connecticut return to normal water levels, conservation is still a responsible and cost effective long-term solution. At Bolton, we strive to bring the ideals of conservation and sustainability to all of our projects. We’re experts in irrigation, and getting the most out of the water we do use. If you have any questions about the ban in Connecticut or want to find out if your irrigation system is as efficient as it can be, drop us a line give us a call. (203) 761-9775


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